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Get $10 off on the regular price of our auto pay plan. This is our most flexible plan as there is no contract, no processing fee, and you can put it on hold for no fee with 3-day notice.


No more 7:20 am class

Starting May 1, we will no longer be having 7:20 am classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

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Get two consecutive weeks of unlimited yoga for $35.
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At BYBM, we only teach Bikram's 90-minute beginning series. It consists of the original 26 postures and two breathing exercises. All our teachers have undergone an intensive nine-week training after which they were certified to teach Bikram yoga.

We were voted the best yoga studio in Silicon Valley for 2015 by San Jose Mercury News readers in their annual Best in Silicon Valley poll.

Our hot room was designed specifically to meet the needs of Bikram yoga. We have a modern heating system with vents only at the back to avoid blowing hot air into students faces. Our ventilation system powered by large fans efficiently circulates air in the room.

We cater to practitioners with all types of bodies and experience with yoga. Our teachers are always available to answer any questions you have about the practice. We also conduct posture clinics (free for members) where each posture is studied in depth and students get a chance to have their postures corrected.

Whether you are new to Bikram yoga or you are a regular practitioner elsewhere, we invite you to visit us and take a class.

  • 1600 sq ft hot room

    With floor-to-ceiling mirrors, modern heating and ventilation, and lots of natural light, our hot room is optimized for hot yoga.

  • Showers and Restrooms

    We have three womens's showers, two men's showers, two restrooms, and a filtered water dispenser.

  • Lots of parking

    We are located in the Desin square shopping area, that provides a clean well-lit parking area with lots of available spots.

  • More than just yoga

    Every month, we host an event that brings together students from two of our studios. Past events have included posture clinic, halloween party, spring fling party, and we also have a meditation class every month.

Our Teachers

Certified Teachers

All our teachers are certified by Bikram Yoga College of India. Click each teacher's picture below to learn more about them. If you need their help with certain postures, talk to them before or after class. Our teacher schedule changes periodically. Click below to see who is teaching.
Teacher Schedule

Personal Session (60 min)

You can also get a personal session with any of our teachers (up to 3 students per session). During these sessions, your teacher will observe and correct your alignment, and answer any questions you have. Sessions are held at our studio. Click below to buy, then email us your preferred teacher and session times.
With Abhi ($100) With other teacher ($75)

Scroll down to see our teachers.

Abhinav Sagar
Bikram Certified Teacher
Bernie Pascual
Bikram Certified Teacher
Crystal Hu
Bikram Certified Teacher
Dara Moss
Bikram Certified Teacher
Hieu Nguyen
Bikram Certified Teacher
Jennifer Bird
Bikram Certified Teacher
Joni Stokx
Bikram Certified Teacher
Patrick Edmondson
Bikram Certified Teacher
Sarah Than
Bikram Certified Teacher
Rupali Kanwal
Bikram Certified Teacher
Shirley Pao
Bikram Certified Teacher
Umesh Gandhi
Bikram Certified Teacher

Try us. Get two consecutive weeks of unlimited yoga for $35. It is a great way to get started with Bikram yoga and to see if BYBM is right for you. For new clients only.


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  • Holiday Schedule: During national holidays, long weekends, and the end of the year, we often have a reduced class schedule. Please check the announcements or teacher schedule for the most accurate class times.
  • What's a Bikram class like? Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes in duration. The room is heated to 105 F and humidified to 40%. We practice the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises each class.
  • What if I am late? Students arriving more than 5 minutes late will be asked to take the next class.
  • What if I want to leave before the end of class? Please exit quietly after the standing series (about 50 minutes into the class), and not at any other time to ensure least disturbance to the class.



Here are our most popular plans.

1 year

Unlimited Yoga


  • Effectively $83/month.
  • Great way to support long term Bikram practice.

No contract Auto-Pay

Unlimited Yoga at BYBM only


  • Our most flexible plan.
  • First and last month fee due at sign up.
  • Put on hold any time for no fee with 3-day email notice.

Two-Studio Auto-Pay

Unlimited Yoga and Towels at BYBM and BYSC


  • Practice at our studio and at our sister studio Bikram Yoga Santa Clara.
  • First and last month fee due at sign up.
  • Put on hold any time for no fee with 3-day email notice.
  • Each studio will charge $60 per month.
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Two weeks

New Clients Only


  • New clients only. Must be Bay area resident.
  • Great way to get started with Bikram yoga and our studio.
  • Must use within two weeks of first class.

100 classes

Valid 3 years, shareable


  • Only pay for the classes you take.
  • Effectively $10 per class vs $25 for drop-in.

6 months

Unlimited Yoga


  • Great way to support long term Bikram practice.
  • Effectively $93/month.

50 Classes

Valid 1 year, shareable


  • Pay only for the classes you take.
  • Effectively $11 per class vs $25 for drop-in.
  • Can be shared.

Towel and Mat Service

Unlimited Yoga Towels and Mats


  • Tired of packing and washing towels and mats? Leave it to us.
  • No contract. Cancel any time.
  • $25 per month towels only. $40 per month towel + mat.
  • Or $250 per year towels only, $400 per year towel + mat

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